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Here details of my hardware projects - although some of them do include some software, either for a microcontroller or some sort of interface software, device driver, etc.

MIDI Matrix 2

Published in Electronics and Beyond (now owned by Elektor) issues 160 and 161

Offering 8 MIDI channels, microprocessor-controlled, MIDI-controlled patch changes, storage of 64 patches in non-volatile storage, LED displays, simple user interface ... the list goes on.

Front panel view


Data files for the Microcontroller and CPLD are now available for those with suitable IC programmers. Note: this is a ZIP file which requires unzipping before it can be used. There are plenty of unzipping tools available on the web.

Thanks to Arto Koivisto I now have PDF scans of the two-part magzine article: Part 1 (introduction, schematics) and Part 2 (construction, operation, parts list).

FPD files for the front panel for use with Front Panel Designer

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