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Here is a list of magazine articles and projects that I have had published.

  • Electronics and Beyond (now owned by Elektor Magazine after Kanda went bust)
    • MIDI Matrix 2
      A programmable 8-channel MIDI routing unit for the home or small project studio. Published in two parts:

      Details Date Issue
      Part 1 April 2001 #160
      Part 2 May 2001 #161
    • IBUS PC Interface System
      A versatile interface bus for the PC. Including a growing range of expansion modules, including:

      Module Date Issue
      Parallel Port Adaptor November 1997 #119
      Digital I/O Module February 1998 #122
      Opto-isolated Input Module March 1998 #123
      Relay Output Module April 1998 #124
      Analogue Input Module May 1998 #125
      Analogue Output Module June 1998 #126
      Application Guide July 1998 #127
      Serial Port Adaptor January 1999 #133
      8255 Peripheral Port Interface Module February 2000 #146
    • Psion 5 Car Power Adaptor - May 1999, issue #137
      The Psion 5 is a marvellous hand-held computing platform that you can take almost anywhere. However, the batteries only provide about 20-30 hours use. This new project allows you to run a Psion 5 from a car lighter socket, using a switched-mode power supply to provide a clean and stable 6.0 volts.

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