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ESI Sampler Resources Page

This page contains a number of resources for the EMU low- to middle-range 16-bit samplers ESI-32, ESI 2000, ESI 4000

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Hints, tips and other useful information.

Sample Library

Here are a variety of disk images for ESI32/ESI2000/ESI4000 floppy disks. They need to be downloaded to your local hard disk and then transferred onto 3.5-inch HD floppy disks. I used the Linux dd tool, which you can also use to copy the images onto floppy disks, or use the rawrite program for DOS/Windows (see the FAQ for further details).

Another program recommended by ESI users is DiskWrite. I have not used it myself, so cannot recommend it, but give it a try, its open source, and freely available, distributed under the GPL. See the website for further details.

As I don't use Windows much I have not tried these files with Esi-Win, but they might work. If you are able to try them out and they work (or not) please let me know.

Apparently Disk Factory 32 also works, under winXP.

Original Factory Disk Images

These files have been removed following a request from E-MU.

If you wish to get hold of these disks then I suggest you get in touch with E-MU customer support directly.

Or contact EMU's Tech Support and Customer Service Manager, Bruce McIntyre, directly at

User Sound Library

Neil Johnson

These sounds were created by me a while ago, mostly for experimentation.

  • Choir -- a choir sound originally generated in CSound (from someone else's script, possibly Sean Costello but I forget now), then transferred over MIDI into the ESI32.
  • Shepherd tones -- mathematically-generated tones that sounds like it is constantly rising (or falling...I can't remember which way round it goes...doesn't matter though, and you can reverse the sample to change the direction).

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