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Here are a bunch of interesting magazine articles from way back (at least 20 years old). Mainly concentrating on electronic music projects.

Please note that in order to conserve bandwidth these files have been JPEG compressed with the quality set as low as possible without compromising readability.

Title From
Waveform Multiplier (4 pages, 520kB)
See below for PCB Foil Patterns
ETI, January 1983
Datasheet: M108/M208 Single Chip Organ (4 pages, 320kB) ETI, June 1983
1024-Step Analogue Sequencer (7 pages, 1.4MB)
(thanks to Steve)
ETI, May 1981
Infinite Flanger (5 pages, 1.0MB)
(thanks to Steve)
HSR, September 1985
Powertran DDL (12 pages, 10.7MB)
(thanks to Graham)
E&MM, early 80s
TanRak Delay/Sampler (10 pages, 9.2MB)
(thanks to Graham)
HSR, Feb-April 1986

Digisound PCB Foil Patterns

Dave Peachey has kindly made available the following PCB foil patterns as JPEG image files. A number of caveats follow.

Digisound Part no. Description
80-01 PSU
80-02/03 VCO/VCLFO
80-04 VC Mixer
80-05 Processor
80-06 VCF (L/H/B/N)
80-09 Dual VCA
80-10 VCEG
80-11a Dual Ring Mod (later version)
80-12 Noise Gen/S&H
80-13 External Input
80-14 Power Amp
80-16 Dual Resonant Filter
80-17 Reverb Unit
80-18 Dual EG
80-19 Dual VCLFO
Quad Waveform Multiplier (two boards)
80-21 VCDO
80-23 Quad LFO (reworked by Chris Crosskey)

Points To Bear In Mind (from Dave):

  1. These are straight clean-ups of the original foil pattern from ETI or my own/other peoples copies of the boards so any faults in the original ETI foils will remain;
  2. I haven't built and tested many of these (can't remember which ones I have done) so anyone who uses them needs to check them before making actual boards;
  3. The files do not print at out at the correct board size (I left the images as large as possible when I worked on them) so the user will need to ensure that they resize the image appropriately if they plan on using these to generate negatives for etching;
  4. I continue to work on other image files for the remaining boards - albeit not as often as I used to so, if anyone wants copies of raw/untreated files or works in progress, they can drop me a line at

Copyright Issues

ETI (Electronics Today International)
Now owned by Everyday Practical Electronics. Note that they are unable to offer any support or assistance with any projects older than five years. Also, in some cases the copyright issue is not clear.

HSR (Home & Studio Recording)
Copyright of Music Maker Publications Ltd, Future Publishing.

Yet to confirm. If you have any leads on who to contact please email me at the address below.

If you are the copyright owner of any of these articles and wish them to be removed, please contact me at and I will remove them.

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