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My Other Lives

IET I am a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (formerly the IEE), and a Chartered Electrical Engineer. During 2000-2011 I was involved in the Cambridge Local Network, running the full gamut of junior vice-chairman, vice-chairman, chairman, past-chairman, publicity officer, and webmaster.

Compiler and Development Tools

WinAVR Provides the complete GCC development software for the Atmel AVR processors, compiled and ready to run on Windows. I used this package to develop the software for the Jen SX1000.
lcc LCC is a free retargetable ANSI C compiler. It is fully described in the book "A Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation" by Fraser and Hanson.

Scripting Languages & Utilities

Scriptics Homepage The Tcl scripting language is great for writing cross-platorm applications.

Electronic Music and Synthesizers

Synthesizer Do It Yourself A comprehensive page of information on all things synth-diy. Well worth browsing!
Synth-DIY The homepage of the synth-diy mailing list. Join the list and enter the world of building analogue and digital synthesizers.
Synth-DIY Archive Searchable archive of all Synth-DIY messages. Grant Richter's BIG heap of electronic synth links.
Oakley Sound Systems Tony Allgood designs, builds, repairs and plays analogue synths. A new and very trendy synth forum. Login, chillout, and enjoy the scene!!
Ray Wilson Ray has a lot of synth schematics and other info on his site. Well worth visiting.
Music-DSP Mailing List Lots of useful information about using DSPs to create/process sound and music.
SynthMusicDirect Support electronic musicians and buy direct from the artists.

Reference Information

Telecomm Glossary 2000 Online version of American National Standard T1.523-2001 American National Standard for Telecommunications - Telecom Glossary 2000

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