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Voltage Controlled Dual Sine Very Low Frequency Oscillator

I like slowly changing sound textures. This module provides two very low frequency oscillators - the main oscillator giving three sine waves down to 12 minutes per cycle, and an auxiliary single-output modulation oscillator going down to around 7 minutes per cycle.

  • Main oscillator
    • 3 high-purity sine waves
    • 120 degees apart - 0°, 120°, 240°
    • 12 minutes per cycle up to 170Hz
  • Auxiliary oscillator
    • Single sinewave output (diode-shaped triangle) - triangle available via component substitution.
    • 7 minutes per cycle up to 300Hz


For interested parties the following documentation is provided.
Please note that all these documents are Copyright © 2009 Neil Johnson.


Here are some links to other people's work with this filter.

  • Dave Brown's Dual VCLFO page describes his construction of this module. He presents three variations of MOTM-compatible front panels. Well worth reading.

Completed Module

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