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Op-Amps that Do and Don't Phase Reverse

What is Phase Reversal?

Phase reversal happens when the input signals exceed the common-mode input range and negative feedback turns into positive feedback. The result is that the output of the op-amp latches on to one of the rails and stays there until power is removed.

Op-Amps That Do - BEWARE!!!

Op-Amp Manufacturer Notes
OP-77 Analog Devices/PMI "Improved" OP-07 (see below)
OP275 Analog Devices Only in non-inv circuits, can be fixed with a resistor in the pos.input line.
TL07x, TL08x TI, National Semi Popular, low-cost single (1), dual (2) and quad (4) opamps.
LF412 National Semi Popular low offset, low drift dual JFET op-amp
LF353 National Semi Wideband dual JFET op-amp
AD712 Analog Devices Enhanced replacements for TL082 and LF412
AD713 Analog Devices Quad version of AD712
LM324 National Semi Robust and cheap, designed for unipolar supplies

Op-Amps That Don't

Op-Amp Manufacturer Notes
uA741 (many) But, it's a 741...
1458 (many) Dual 741 in DIP8
OPA-07 Analog Devices/PMI But, it's as slow as 741
OP-07 Analog Devices/PMI See above
OPA132 Burr-Brown Low noise/distortion
OPA134 Burr-Brown Very low noise/distortion
OPA277 Burr-Brown  
LT1055 Linear Technology  
LT1637 Linear Technology  


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